Below is a list of the most requested services that our State Licensed Detectives are asked to carry out. If you have a requirement that is not listed here, just contact us and we will let you know if we can help. You can also contact us to discuss any of our services in more detail.

Field Investigations:      

  • Spousal Infidelity Investigations
  • Cold Case Investigations
  • Missing Persons
  • Missing Children
  • Child Custody / Welfare Investigations
  • Service of Process (Process Server)
  • Plaintiff and Accident Investigations
  • Divorce Investigations

Dignitary and Executive Protection:

Our Detail Leader is certified through Nationally and Internationally recognized training programs. All members of any protective detail regardless of the risk level identified for our clients are all thorougly screened and have the proper credentialing to operate in the state of Maryland as Licensed Private Detectives.

(Private detective services include, but are not limited to: conducting investigations, securing evidence for use before any investigating committee or board of arbitration, non-uniformed personal protection, and locating or apprehending fugitives from justice. For more information, refer to Business Occupations and Professions Title 13.​ )


  • Threat Analysis
  • Advance Site Assessments
  • Secure Transportation 
  • UP-Armored Transportation 
  • V.I.P Escorts



  • GPS Tracking
  • Spousal Infidelity Surveillance
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Counter Surveillance Measures
  • Audio Surveillance
  • Video Surveillance

Investigative Research:

  • Background Investigations
  • Criminal History Investigations
  • Asset Searches
  • Public Record Searches
  • Employment Verification
  • Witness Statements
  • Witness Locations
  • Vital Record Searches
  • Property Searches
  • Business Searches