What are some reasons why you would need a private Investigator?

There are countless reasons why you might need the service of a private investigation company.

Business owners:

If you are a business owner, you may be suffering losses through theft. Finding out who is doing the thieving not only saves you money, it discourages others from trying to steal from you. Our investigations are discrete, so we can track down thieves without causing unease amongst your workforce.

If you suspect an employee of dishonesty, you may not be able to dismiss that employee without concrete proof. The employee’s dishonesty could be down to incorrectly filling out timesheets, overstating expenses, or using the business’ equipment or resources for private purposes. Our highly trained investigators can provide the proof you need to get rid of dishonest employees.

We can protect businesses against fraudulent public liability claims. Even though such claims will be covered by the business’ insurance company, there will still be a financial cost to the business in the form of increased premiums.


Private individuals:

Private individuals can also call on Ronin Intelligence to investigate people for personal reasons. Marital infidelity is a widespread problem. The spouse who is being cheated on may want a divorce, but that could prove costly if there is no proof of his or her partner’s infidelity. Our investigators can provide the proof.

If you use a child-minder, how can you be sure that the child-minder is not mistreating your children? Do you suspect household staff of petty theft or other wrongdoings? We can install discreet surveillance equipment that will let you see what goes on when you are not there.


Insurance companies:

Unfortunately, insurance fraud is on the increase, and costs insurance companies millions of dollars each year. Our expert team can detect and furnish proof of claims that are fraudulent.


Peace of mind:

Suspicion can have a very negative effect on any person. It can seriously interfere with the enjoyment of life, and can make a person very unhappy. It can cause irretrievable breakdowns in personal relationships.

Our Maryland based private investigation company can discretely find out if your suspicion is justified. This can take a great weight off your mind, regardless of the outcome of our investigation.